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1 January 27th

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Resilience Skills: A stronger you for the new year!
Our tutor Ann Bell delivering a Resilience Skills session.
Resilience is a word we all know. It seems quite straight forward to support others, to build skills and to develop Resilience. Why do we, sometimes, find it difficult to apply what we know about resilience to some of our own situations?
The aim of this session is to provide a definition and brief outline of Resilience. As Stress and anxiety can undermine Resilience, we will briefly identify and discuss stress reactions and its’ effects. The session will then focus on identifying your own personal skills and how we use those skills in our daily lives. The session includes simple strategies that will enable us build, maintain and reinforce the importance of Resilience to our wellbeing.

2 February 17th

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DWP Forms: What they mean and how to fill them in!
Rebecca Pope from Cardiff Council – DWP forms.
The Disability Benefit Support Team has been with Cardiff Council since 2018 (previously named Families First Team) and concentrates on helping children, people under 25 and parents/guardians of disabled children. We assist with Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Limited Capability for Work Questionnaire with Universal Credit, and Employment and Support Allowance, Attendance Allowance, and Carer's Allowance. We help with new disability benefit claims, completing mandatory reconsiderations, and support taking the claim to the Tribunal Service.
I started in the Council as a member of the Money Advice Team in 2017, before moving to the Disability Benefit Support Team in 2021. I have over 5 and half years’ experience in disability benefits from one off support with clients on a drop-in session basis, to case work and appointment-based support where we help the client from the beginning of a claim to the end.
In this session we will be looking at Personal Independence Payment and Disability Living Allowance to give participants understanding on how to make the initial claims, looking at the eligibility criteria and how to complete the forms. This session will include a Q&A and further information on where to find the appropriate assistance and support.

3 March

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Crafts for Easter!
Our Textile and Creative Arts Tutor, Maria Parry-Jones, will deliver a session on how to make an Origami rabbit for Easter.
Crafting is a great way to relax and has proven very therapeutic, especially as mental wellness is such an important issue. However, crafting often requires equipment and materials not everyone will have to hand. To make this session fully inclusive, all you need is a piece of plain paper. Coloured, if you have any, but a white rabbit was good enough for Alice, so a sheet of white paper from your printer will do just as well. (Though if you want to add a waistcoat and pocket watch, that would have to be covered by one of my other craft courses!)

4 April

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Let’s talk about Testicular Cancer!
Morgan Gregson-Jones from OddBalls will be raising awareness of Testicular Cancer.
Morgan Gregson-Jones from OddBalls will be raising awareness of Testicular Cancer, breaking down the stigma surrounding it and encouraging men to talk openly about their testicles and to check themselves regularly. The talk is fun, informal and gets people thinking about really important health issues from a less serious perspective. The talk is suitable for all genders.
“We cover the basics of Testicular Cancer, such as signs and symptoms, possible risk factors, how to check correctly, diagnosis, treatment, sperm banking and the importance of support networking. We also explain some of our initiatives, like our University Ambassador Programme, and provide information on how to fundraise for the charity.”


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